Salaried GP: Why do it?


Working as a salaried GP in the National Health Service (NHS) comes with a lot of benefits, such as providing healthcare professionals with numerous opportunities for professional growth and job security.

Although, here are some of the other benefits of working as a salaried GP in the NHS:

Job Security

Salaried GP positions in the NHS provide job security, giving medical professionals the reassurance of continuous work. Hence allowing for a longer-term financial planning and better retirement plans.

Competitive Salary

General practitioners working in the NHS, can benefit from competitive remuneration packages. Moreover, the NHS made commitments in 2022 to increase salaries by 4.5%, with other practice staff having also been offered a pay rise.

Better Work-Life Balance

Salaried GP roles are crucial for physicians who prioritise their work-life balance, with out the pressure of running their practice. As there are fixed schedules and working hours, which allow for a better work-life balance and the freedom to pursue extracurricular activities or hobbies.

This also allows healthcare professionals to balance work commitments and family responsibilities.

Salaried GPs work to a fixed schedule, usually from Monday to Friday. Allowing for a better work-life balance.

Continuing Professional Development

The NHS values the development of medical professionals, making career development a significant benefit of working as a Salaried GP. Furthermore, there are also several continuous development training and courses offered by the NHS.

Avoiding Financial Risks

Given how salaried GPs are paid through the NHS, it therefore eliminates the financial risks and obligations attached to it. Whereas those running an independent practice are faced with rent for clinics, billing, payroll office staffing and other operational costs.

Leverage the NHS Pension Scheme

Salaried GPs can leverage the enhanced NHS Pension Scheme, which provides a guaranteed payment based on 1 years’ service in the NHS. There is also an added death in service benefit, to enhance financial security for family members.

Access to High Tech Digital Infrastructure

The NHS provides the latest tech solutions to boost the efficiency and efficacy of healthcare delivery. The NHS provides healthcare professionals with the latest solutions, to boost the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Salaried GP’s have hands-on access to these technologies – taking away the added tech costs that could affect their independent practices.

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General Practitioners are able to use the latest technologies without the financial constraints attached to it.

Greater Scope to Kick-start a Medical Career

Newly qualified physicians in training processes need ample time to focus on improving clinical skills, gain experience, and specialise. Which is why to some Salaried GP is the logical answer, as it offers the opportunity to learn, provide primary care services in the NHS – whilst also offering opportunities to transition to other areas of speciality.


In summary, working as a salaried GP in the NHS provides medical professionals with many benefits, including financial and job stability, a better work-life balance, and access to training and development.

Salaried GPs also have the right to unionise, hence giving them equal representation in decision-making and other crucial steps that could benefit the NHS and it’s employees.