The Medmatch Difference: What sets us apart from the rest

MedMatch Group

We understand that finding the ideal role can be both time-consuming and stressful. After all, you want to be sure of where you’re applying to, right?

Well, with Medmatch you’re in the right place. Given our numerous years in the healthcare industry, we have not only built a dedicated team of recruitment experts – but we have also perfected the application process, making it streamlined, targeted, and tailored to your specific aspirations.

However, given the many agencies out there, why should you choose us over any of them?

Trusted Reviews and Testimonials of practices whom we work with

It can be difficult knowing which practice is right for you. Every practice claims to offer “great private potential, however, what does this actually mean, and more importantly, is this correct?

With over 100 interviews per week, and having placed well over 1,000 clinicians – we regularly receive feedback from candidates. This allows us to have knowledge of the general market, and enables us to solely offer you practice, whom we know are trusted employers.

Finding you the right role for YOUR progression

Our Recruitment Consultant’s understand that every person is different and have different goals – our intention is to find you the place to meet this goals and find the closest to perfect practice for you!

If you want the highest rates, we will focus on finding you local practices offering the highest rates.

If you would prefer the best Private opportunity in the area, we know what is available in your demographic and can offer you these best options. You may want a practice which funds your courses, offers Specialist to shadow and/or Mentors – whatever is most important to you, is most important to us in your job search. 

Competitive rates (£££)

At Medmatch, we not only offer thousands of jobs across the UK, but we also ensure that these are high-paying roles – especially when compared to similar roles in the area.

Now, salary isn’t the sole factor. Although, it is undeniably one of the key factors.Especially, as many of you are ambitious, with aspirations of having your dental practice, or maybe even a chain of practices across the country.

That’s why we not only understand you, but we also ensure that whenever we are presenting you with job offers, we are presenting you with the best job offers possible.

Medmatch has accumulated countless of reviews – with all candidates and clients grateful for hel

Honest and Accurate information

Earning a great salary is excellent, although do you know what’s even better? Showing up at the practice for the first day and realising you have not been lied to.

Remember the CBCT Scanner and Digital X-rays that was mentioned during the interview process? Yep, they are all there.

The “welcoming and professional colleagues”? Yep, they are exactly that. These colleagues go out of their way to ensure that you feel welcomed, heck they even ask for your name and make some sort of conversation.

A positive working environment is key. Especially in the current climaite where

Now, with some recruitment agencies you get either good rates or excellent working conditions. In others you get neither. At Medmatch you get both!

But how? Well, we ensure that all our job opportunities are carefully screened to ensure credibility, compliance with regulation and a positive working environment. Our jobs aren’t the types you will find on the second page of a shady website.

Growth Opportunity

Competitive rates and excellent conditions are great. However, for those of you who are ambitious, it might not be quite enough. You want more responsibilities, you want to learn, you want to improve in the field that you place so much effort thus far.

Well, we can hear you loud and clear. That’s why for most roles offered, we ensure that they are also providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We know that you might not want to be an Associate Dentist forever. You want to specialise in other areas and perhaps even become a Specialist Orthodontist.

So, if you’re looking for roles that take you somewhere, rather than nowhere, then make sure to begin applying on our website today!

How do I apply? What happens next?

Ok, so you’re convinced that we are the right recruitment agency to go with, what now?

To put it simply, you only have to apply through

Even if you do not find the role available online, chances are that we have it available. So, always make sure to contact us on 0203 912 9800.

When you’re completely happy with the proposition, the application process is then moved into the interview stage, and from there it leads to a job offer.

It’s that simple. No hidden fees, no hidden information, 100% transparency!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today and be a step closer to finding your ideal job!